New Beginnings

I have always been intrigued by the idea of blogging: since I was a six-year-old preschooler writing my first “book” about a dog’s birthday party, I have considered myself “somewhat” of a talented writer and certainly someone who has a lot to say. That’s why – on more than one occasion, I have to admit – I have started a blog. The other times (which need not to be talked about any further) haven’t been very successful but now, I feel, I am ready to share my words of wisdom with the universe again.

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…but who am I?

Introductions tend to always repeat the same boring phrases of hobbies, age, education and family members – and why shouldn’t they? Isn’t that, after all, what most peoples’ lives revolve around? Admittedly, I am no different, so let’s start by telling that my name is Wilhelmiina, I am a freshly-seventeen-year-old upper secondary school student from the west of Finland and I live in a yellow house in the countryside with my parents and our Labrador retriever. I am a reader, a writer, an outdoors enthusiast and most importantly, a travel addict.

Tallinn, Estonia / February 2022
Costa Adeje, Tenerife / December 2021

Okay, great. Now the basic things are there, out in the open, and it’s time to get into the core of things: the point of this blog-to-be. As mentioned above, I love to write. Writing is what I have always done, it is that simple – and even though as a Finnish-speaker, English isn’t my first language, the words just come from some valley of my mind without much effort. But there always needs to be something to write about – and that’s where my dearest hobby kicks in: travelling.

Tipperary, Ireland / August 2005

For much longer than I can say I have been a writer, I have been a traveller. In fact, I have been a traveller for 6,028 days – ever since my parents and I boarded a KLM plane to Ireland when I was 5 months old. Of course, I would be crazy to say I remember something from my first trip to the Emerald Isle – but it was still a very important trip, because marked the start of a childhood filled with colourful travel memories from all corners of Europe: and a lifetime of travel, I can safely say.

Seventeen years, seventeen countries. Ever since I can remember, I have loved exploring new places – from getting lost in the narrow streets of Venice to swimming at Alpine lakes in Austria to climbing the fells of Lapland to the bustling streets of London, my young feet have taken me to see the jewels and hidden gems of my home continent.

Cornwall, England / summer 2012
Piran, Slovenia / September 2011

Travelling is what makes me truly happy. Waiting for a trip, getting on board an airplane, diving into the lifestyle of a whole new country, forgetting all the worries of home, the smell of a fresh rental car, tasting new food, sore feet from walking on cobblestones all day long, new languages, new people – the list of what I love goes on and on. And that love is what I want to share with others through this blog.

With that being said, I think it is time to sum up this very first post of mine. If you are interested, join me in my adventures! Comments and shares are welcome. 🙂


Published by Wilhelmiina

I am a 17-year-old Finn who loves travelling the world, writing, reading (and buying) books, learning about science, mathematics and history, watching Netflix and making up crazy plans.

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