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summer twenty-twenty-two in pictures

This summer, so far, has been a mixture of rain, airports, Adriatic beaches, rolling hills, museums, amusement parks, summer cottages, and laying in the garden doing absolutely nothing. But what does all that look like?

17 years, 17 countries, 17 pictures

As the rather worn-off cliché goes, “A picture is worth a thousand words.” That is what I am here to demonstrate, with a picture from each country I have been to: and believe me, choosing them was not easy with so many options.

New Beginnings

Travelling is what makes me truly happy. Waiting for a trip, getting on board an airplane, diving into the lifestyle of a whole new country, forgetting all the worries of home, the smell of a fresh rental car, tasting new food, sore feet from walking on cobblestones all day long, new languages, new people – the list of what I love goes on and on. And that love is what I want to share with others through this blog.

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